winter shoes for girls and boys

Winter shoes for girls and boys, which ones to choose?

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Aussie boots, colorful wellies for splashing around and a host of children's footwear proposals for the cold weather. Our collection of girls and boys winter shoes is full of ideal models to combine with the warmest looks.
From Conguitos, we invite you to enjoy the outdoors also in the last season of the year, no matter how cold it is. There are plenty of ideal plans for the kids: from a whole morning playing in the park near home to a nostalgic afternoon strolling through the Christmas market in your city... For our part, we present you some of our most recommended models to protect girls and boys from the cold.


the shoes to wear this winter
Among the favorite winter shoes for girls, the most popular are boots and ankle boots in all their forms. Girls' military boots, with or without laces, with rubber or rubber soles, leather or synthetic... Endless possibilities and combinations with dreamy textures that will fascinate them.

What about a pair of slightly bootie sneakers with inner lining as a barrier against the cold? We have them! In our collection, you can find different models of sneakers perfect for winter, such as these beige sneakers with sheepskin lining. They are the ideal complement for a family dinner, a walk around town or a fun-filled afternoon in the park with friends. Their casual style makes them the basic that combines with everything and that will give a very chic touch to your outfits.

Still talking about ankle boots for girls? The jewel in the crown are these girls' leather booties. Thanks to the fur on the top of the shaft (as well as on the inside) their feet will be totally insulated from the cold and rain, giving them a comfortable feeling of warmth. The best part? You can find these booties in a choice of four beautiful color tones: leather, pink, beige and black. Which one do you choose?
trendy winter shoes for kids
Hiking boots are one of the best allies during winter. This type of winter footwear for boys or girls is made of plush material and Goflex technology, which contributes to the good footing of children to accompany them in their first steps. They are very safe and trendy outdoor style booties.

Other shoes for this cold season are the water repellent safari boots. This style of bootie, half adventurous half urban, has been made with water-repellent technology, which helps prevent water from seeping into the material of the shoe, thus preventing their growing feet from getting wet. It consolidates itself as a versatile shoe for its comfort and its possible daily use, without any kind of problem.
girls shoes for this winter
All our models are unisex! The number 1 position goes to the australian boot. This australian boot model in navy blue has everything it takes to be a hit with moms, dads and kids. It is a classic and timeless proposal that is crowned as a bestseller in our collections year after year and season after season. Available in 4 colors: navy, leather, taupe and black. And they go with everything.

It is simply a comfortable, warm shoe for all occasions. The sole is made of rubber, so water does not soak into the boot. Its super power? It has an inner lining that helps keep the foot warm. Not to mention the water repellent technology, which helps water to slide off and not run off from the outside of the boot onto the foot.
boys shoes for this winter
From the first autumn raindrops to the end of winter. Another favorite of the cold season is undoubtedly the wellington boot. A type of children's footwear that does not go unnoticed and that we reinvent every autumn-winter with innovative designs that will leave them speechless. We can go for days without thinking about them, and we are very happy to have them when a cloudy day dawns! Right?

Our collection of wellies for boys and girls appeals to the imagination. Their fun colors and characters envelop their feet in a halo of fantasy that they'll love. Our wellies feature a non-slip rubber sole for walking freely over puddles, and their waterproof material is designed for safe splashing!

After getting to know one by one the different models of winter shoes for girls and boys, would you already know how to choose your favorite? If you're having trouble deciding, we invite you to explore all the details of our footwear at Conguitos and find your favorite children's shoes of the season.