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Girl's Mermaid BallerinasGirl's Mermaid Ballerinas
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Girl's Blue Indigo Basic BallerinasGirl's Blue Indigo Basic Ballerinas
Girl’s Beige Basic BallerinasGirl’s Beige Basic Ballerinas
Girl’s Coral Basic BallerinasGirl’s Coral Basic Ballerinas
Girl’s Blue Basic BallerinasGirl’s Blue Basic Ballerinas
Girl’s Brown Basic BallerinasGirl’s Brown Basic Ballerinas
Girl's Silver Crown BallerinasGirl's Silver Crown Ballerinas
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Girl's Silver Dots BallerinasGirl's Silver Dots Ballerinas
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Girl's Platinum Dots BallerinasGirl's Platinum Dots Ballerinas
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Girl’s Metalic Silver Basic BallerinasGirl’s Metalic Silver Basic Ballerinas
Girl’s Metalic Platinum Basic BallerinasGirl’s Metalic Platinum Basic Ballerinas
Girl's Silver Butterfly BallerinasGirl's Silver Butterfly Ballerinas
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Girl's Magnesium Butterfly BallerinasGirl's Magnesium Butterfly Ballerinas
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Girl's Beige Strass Bow BallerinasGirl's Beige Strass Bow Ballerinas
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Girl's White Strass Bow BallerinasGirl's White Strass Bow Ballerinas
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Girl's White Dots Washable Leather Mary JanesGirl's White Dots Washable Leather Mary Janes
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Girl's Butterfly Silver Mary JanesGirl's Butterfly Silver Mary Janes
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Girl's Butterfly Platinum Mary JanesGirl's Butterfly Platinum Mary Janes
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Girl’s Metalic Navy Basic BallerinasGirl’s Metalic Navy Basic Ballerinas
Girl’s Pink Basic BallerinasGirl’s Pink Basic Ballerinas
Girl's Fuxia Basic BallerinasGirl's Fuxia Basic Ballerinas

A little bit of history about the Merceditas

If we look back to the origins of ballerinas, we find ourselves in classical ballet. Merceditas are the shoes that were used in the 19th century for this discipline and which later, around the 1950s, became one of the most important accessories in fashion thanks to Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn

When she was a ballet dancer, she was the first to wear a pair of ballet shoes.

Have you ever wondered why they are called Merceditas? It all goes back to 1878 and a queen, Maria de las Mercedes de Orleans, popularly known as Merceditas. In that year, she married her cousin Alfonso XII, but after five months she died. Her untimely death had such a social impact that a song was dedicated to her based on the love story between the two, and one of its verses went like this: "The shoes she wore were made of rich patent leather, given to her by Alfonso on the day she got married". In this way, the little merceditas were immortalised.

Another common name for them is manoletinas. This is due to the Spanish bullfighter Manolete, who made his contribution to this type of shoe.

Merceditas de Niña: The perfect shoe

Over timethe merceditas have evolved

and different variations have emerged. There is often a great deal of controversy over what to call them, but there are some common characteristics: they have a flat sole, a rounded neckline and toe, and they are very comfortable and flexible. Conguitos gives free rein to its imagination to create unique girls' shoes, with original prints, fantasy effects and multiple embellishments.

Since always Merceditas are the key shoe to dress little girls, and more and more are accumulating in children's wardrobes because of their timelessness, the little ones wear them at all times of the year, in summer in leather and with studs that make them cooler, in winter in leather in darker tones or suede, and in between seasons... anything goes! Another reason why we chose the girl's sandals is their versatility, they are suitable both for everyday wear and for a special event, that is to say, your little one can wear them with a casual look like pants and an original applique T-shirtor with a beautiful dress for girls. Without a doubt, it has become the go-to shoe.

Shoes for girls.

Buy Girl's Merceditas Online

Making your little one feel like a princess is very easy with Conguitos. In our online shop we have a wide catalogue where you'll find all the styles of girls' Mary Janes, in different materials and finishes: manolitas in suede, leather, with reptile finishes, metallic tones and all kinds of applications as ornaments: bows, flowers, brooches, etc. And of course, in Conguitos you can also find the queens of the spring, the communion shoes, in beige and white tones for the classic ones and with soft shiny or metallic finishes for the more daring ones.

Conguitos' espadrilles are made in Spain with the best materials, and provide multiple benefits for girls' feet: comfort, flexibility, softness to avoid chafing and they are also made with non-slip soles so they can run and dance without falling.

They're made with the best materials and they're made with a non-slip sole so they can run and dance without falling.

Don't miss out on the Conguitos collection of girls' ballet pumps!

Don't miss out on the Conguitos collection!

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