Conguitos’ new footwear line Tecnobaby, fosters the child’s natural learning, helping her feel confident and safe when taking her first steps. This line is characterized by a reinforced toe cap, and a heel stabilizer helping the child control movement and balance.

Wash Me by Conguitos is a footwear line developed in washable leather, with removable anti-bacterian insoles, which helps improve the feet protection acting as a cushion with every step. Thanks to the great success of the school shoes line, we have expanded our range to include footwear for every need, every moment of the day.

Conguitos is currently a brand of reference in the world of fashion and children’s footwear for the comfort and style that their products have. This is why Conguitos decide to launch Conguitos Basic, a collection of basic styles at a basic price with all the advantages of the Conguitos brand.

After more than 20 years of experiencie in the field of children’s footwear, Conguitos reinforces its brand image developing its first kidswear line made of unique pieces, designed and made in Spain with quality materials.

With the Back to School season in mind, Conguitos launches a line of footwear which implements the innovative GoFlex technology, a new standard of comfort and safety which ensures: a flexible system, anti-torsion power and shock absorption.

In 2010 Conguitos takes one step further in their aim to increase their share the footwear market and launches the brand Osito by Conguitos. The brand is born to care for the feet of toddlers and infants, guiding their first steps in a safe manner and total confidence.

Keeping up with the brand philosophy of Conguitos -comfort and design- in 2008 Fresas by Conguitos is created. Aimed the most fashion-conscious junior girls, those who decide by themselves what to wear, their new collections always mirror the current trends.

In 1990 Conguitos is born, launching their first collection of children’s footwear under the philosophy that soon would make them known worldwide: comfort and style. Products developed with dedication, sense of responsibility and commitment to ensure proper growth.