In Conguitos we know that little ones’ daily footwear is difficult to maintain, that's why we have created the line of washable footwear: Wash Me. This line is composed by a set of shoes, everyday trainers and unisex school shoes. They are made with the highest quality leather that allows you to put them in the washing machine without risk of spoiling them in the least. Sounds good, right?


The washable school footwear is characterized by its reinforced toe, so that both shoes and fingers are protected against friction or impacts. They also have a removable and antibacterial insole.
Both school shoes and trainers have Velcro fastening for a correct support to the foot and a fast placement, facilitating the task to parents and children.
You can find school shoes in dark shades like black, brown or navy as well as white trainers.


Like the trainers or school shoes, ballerinas are made of first quality leather that is completely suitable for the washing machine.
The Ballerinas collection is made up of designs with different characteristics, so you can find them with die-cast design or floral prints. They are in different shades, which makes them ideal both for day-to-day and for events.
You can find sizes from 24 to 35 that will be ideal on your girl's feet, in addition to the Ballerinas from the  collection by Conguitos line, which start at size 19 and are ideal for taking their first steps.


The new line Tecnobaby by Conguitos, favors the child's natural learning and helps him to feel safe when he starts walking. These shoes are made from onMicro® material, a breathable and waterproof microfiber that has an ecological certificate, anti-bacteria and is also suitable for washing, supporting up to + 60 ° C temperature.
After washing each of our washable models, they will be like new: trainers, ballerinas, school or baby shoes.
Do not worry while they play wearing Conguitos on their feet!