In Conguitos we know that footwear plays a decisive role in the development of children feet. Thus, we make sure that each design respects the child’s physical growth and motor development, meeting at the same time the activity needs characteristic of their age.
Wearing suitable children's footwear is important when taking their first steps, since footwear becomes part of their body. Footwear must adapt to the tread with proper grip and providing the necessary security for their first steps.


Conguitos shoes feature the Goflex technology, which provides the flexibility and mobility that children need to walk, adapting to each step. Anti-twist design avoids the deformation of the sole and the consequential ankle sprains, making this footwear very suitable to protect the foot following its movement.
Goflex line designs feature a comfortable skid proof rubber sole, which not only protects from the cold, but it also avoids poor posture or incorrect footsteps thanks to its great flexibility and its ability to mitigate the effect of the tread.


It is also important to highlight this footwear Shock Absorption System. This system is designed to cushion the tread and prepare the floor for proper absorption of impacts. Its main function is to protect the toes and the heel, thus avoiding injury and increasing comfort.


Goflex line designs are equipped with first quality materials. They are manufactured in leather and other breathable materials to avoid the risk of accumulating bacteria. All this features make of them an optimal shoe that brings great benefits when a baby first starts walking, adapting to the shape of the foot without pressing it, allowing its proper growth.