The first steps of a newborn are very important because at such an early age the muscles, bones and ligaments are not developed. If you are going to buy baby shoes.

    We indicate below the shoe size per cm:

    9 15 0 0
    9,7 16 0,5 1
    10,4 17 1,5 2
    11 18 2 2,5
    11,7 19 3 3,5
    12,4 20 3,5 4,5
    13 21 4,5 5
    13,7 22 5,5 6
    14,4 23 6 6,5
    15 24 7 7,5
    15,7 25 7,5 8
    16,4 26 8,5 9,5
    17 27 9 10,5
    17,7 28 10 11



    9-12 months 11,7 cm 19 3 3,5
    12-15 months 12,4 cm 20 3,5 4,5
    15-21 months 13,7-14,4 cm 21-22 4,5-5,5 5-6
    21-24 months 14,4-15 cm 23-24 6-7 6,5-7,5

    For newborns

    In the first months of life, the baby will not walk since muscles and bones are stimulated at this stage. Therefore, pre-walking footwear is flexible, breathable, and its main function is to insulate against low temperatures or to prevent impacts. The size is between 17 and 19.

    Baby foot size 1 year and up

    From the first 12 months, they are already able to stay upright and the muscle gradually develops. It is at this point that the baby's shoe size goes from 17 to 19 with an average growth between two and three sizes per year, they grow very fast! When our favorite little person begins to have a little more autonomy, she must have first steps shoes made of non-slip quality materials, thick, breathable and waterproof soles.

    How to know the baby's foot number?

    Follow these simple steps to measure exactly the length in cm of your foot and convert it to size:

    1. Place your baby's foot against the wall and on a blank Din A4 sheet of paper.
    2. It is essential that the heel is well placed against the wall, and that the sole of the foot is completely flat and straight.
    3. Mark with a marker or pen where the heel ends, and where his big toe ends.
    4. Take a meter or ruler and measure the distance in centimeters between the two points.
    5. Check our equivalence table. If you are in doubt between two numbers, we recommend you opt for the higher number.

    Make sure the shoe corresponds to your size

    If you have placed an online order, you must test with the child that the new shoes correspond exactly to their real size:

    • Is there enough space between the tip of the longest toe and the front of the shoe? Check it by running your finger between the heel and there is 1 cm of space. The baby should move their toes without problems.
    • Constantly check that the footwear does not squeeze. He thinks that in a few months he will have increased in size and will need new ones.