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Girl's Pink Glows in the Dark SneakersGirl's Pink Glows in the Dark Sneakers
Girl's Platium Glows in the Dark SneakersGirl's Platium Glows in the Dark Sneakers
Girl's Silver Glows in the Dark SneakersGirl's Silver Glows in the Dark Sneakers
Girl's Pink Unicorn ClogsGirl's Pink Unicorn Clogs

Girl's Pink Unicorn Clogs

Sale price€19.95
-PORTADAGirl's White Sunlight Sneakers

Girl's White Sunlight Sneakers

Sale priceFrom €29.95
Girl's Multi Unicorn Print Bio SandalsGirl's Multi Unicorn Print Bio Sandals
Girl's Platinum Bio SandalsGirl's Platinum Bio Sandals

Girl's Platinum Bio Sandals

Sale priceFrom €34.95
Girl's Multi Mermaid Print Bio SandalsGirl's Multi Mermaid Print Bio Sandals
Girl's Multicolor Straps Leather SandalsGirl's Multicolor Straps Leather Sandals
-PORTADAUnicorn Sneakers with Lights
Girl's White Daisy Leather SandalsGirl's White Daisy Leather Sandals
-PORTADAGirl's Mermaid Sneakers

Girl's Mermaid Sneakers

Sale price€34.95

Girl's Leo Print Sneakers

Sale price€34.95
Girl's Braid Leather SandalsGirl's Braid Leather Sandals
-PORTADAB&W Girl's Off White Espadrilles

B&W Girl's Off White Espadrilles

Sale priceFrom €29.95
B&W Girl's Multicolour EspadrillesB&W Girl's Multicolour Espadrilles

B&W Girl's Multicolour Espadrilles

Sale priceFrom €29.95
Girl's Beige Laces EspadrillesGirl's Beige Laces Espadrilles
Girl's Platinum Glitter Bio SandalsGirl's Platinum Glitter Bio Sandals
Boy's Navy Dinosaur ClogsBoy's Navy Dinosaur Clogs

Boy's Navy Dinosaur Clogs

Sale price€19.95
Girl's White Straps Leather SandalsGirl's White Straps Leather Sandals
B&W Girl's Beige Cord SandalsB&W Girl's Beige Cord Sandals
-PORTADAGirl's Multicolor Sunlight Sneakers
B&W Girl's Platinum Napa SandalsB&W Girl's Platinum Napa Sandals
Girl's Platinum Braided Sandals LeatherGirl's Platinum Braided Sandals Leather
B&W White Platform Canvas SneakersB&W White Platform Canvas Sneakers
-PORTADAGirl's Multicolor Glitter Unicorn Sneakers
-PORTADAWhite Basic Sneakers Canvas
-PORTADAGirl's White Rainbow With Lights Sneakers
Girl's Daisy Magnesium Leather SandalsGirl's Daisy Magnesium Leather Sandals
B&W Girl's Platinum SandalsB&W Girl's Platinum Sandals
Girl's Flowers Multi Leather SandalsGirl's Flowers Multi Leather Sandals
Unisex Brown Bio SandalsUnisex Brown Bio Sandals

Unisex Brown Bio Sandals

Sale priceFrom €32.95
Girl's Silver Bio SandalsGirl's Silver Bio Sandals

Girl's Silver Bio Sandals

Sale priceFrom €34.95
Girl's Star Platinum Glow EspadrillesGirl's Star Platinum Glow Espadrilles
-PORTADAGirl's Multicolor Mermaid Leather Sandals
Girl's Stars Platinum Leather SandalasGirl's Stars Platinum Leather Sandalas
B&W Girl's Platinum Metallized EspadrillesB&W Girl's Platinum Metallized Espadrilles
Girl's Star Silver Glow EspadrillesGirl's Star Silver Glow Espadrilles
Girl's Daisy White Leather SandalsGirl's Daisy White Leather Sandals
Girl's Multicolor Metallized Sandals LeatherGirl's Multicolor Metallized Sandals Leather

Girls shoes: quality and cheap shoes

At Conguitos we have the best selection of shoes for girls, with them the little ones of the house will feel like real princesses. Conguitos children's footwear is specially designed for children, based on a perfect combination of design and comfort. The Conguitos team gives life to girls' shoes according to the latest trends, and with the perfect development of children's feet in mind.

The Conguitos shoes for girls are the favourite of girls and mums, the latter mainly think about the features offered by the brand, such as the Made in Spain seal, the Goflex technology, among other characteristic benefits of our brand such as: flexibility, breathable insoles, washable top quality leathers, anti-twist power, anti-slip soles or shock absorption, among others.

The girls will be so impressed by the beautiful Conguitos shoes that they won't want to take them off. They will fall in love with our sandals, boots or ankle boots, sneakers with lights, solar trainers that change colour in sunlight, solar shoes or sneakers that glow in the dark, they will be delighted and you will be able to see how beautiful they look with footwear for girls by Conguitos. What's more, all the children's footwear can be perfectly combined with the items we have available in the Congitos clothes.

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Buying children's footwear at Conguitos online shop is very easy, take a look at our catalogue and use the filters to select colours, sizes and types; schoolboys, ballerinas, boots and ankle boots, trainers and trainers, you're sure to find the shoes you're looking for!

Our children's shoe shop is the perfect place to find the shoes you're looking for!

Our online children's shoe shop accompanies you during the most important years of your child's life, Conguitos offers shoes for girlsfrom babies to pre-teens covering their needs all year round, both for everyday wear and for special occasions. And most importantly, at any time of the year, Conguitos ranges from leather sandals to wellies, ankle boots, trainers with light, magic slippers, or bailarinas so comfortable that you can wear them all year round. And of coursegirl's shoesfor communion or for events where she is the most special guest.

Enjoy the experience of buying shoes for girls at the Conguitos online shop, which offers a wide range of shoes for girls. Don't miss out on the variety of colours, materials, fantasy finishes and get your and your little girl's favourites, you won't find anything like them anywhere else, buying shoes online at Conguitos is a safe bet.

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