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B&W Girl's Multicolour EspadrillesB&W Girl's Multicolour Espadrilles

B&W Girl's Multicolour Espadrilles

Sale priceFrom €29.95
Girl's Blue Laces EspadrillesGirl's Blue Laces Espadrilles
-PORTADAB&W Girl's Off White Espadrilles

B&W Girl's Off White Espadrilles

Sale priceFrom €29.95
Girl's Beige Laces EspadrillesGirl's Beige Laces Espadrilles
B&W Girl's Black Vichy EspadrillesB&W Girl's Black Vichy Espadrilles

B&W Girl's Black Vichy Espadrilles

Sale priceFrom €29.95
Girl's Coral Laces EspadrillesGirl's Coral Laces Espadrilles
Girl's Print Unicorn Pink EspadrillesGirl's Print Unicorn Pink Espadrilles
Girl's Beige Metallized EspadrillesGirl's Beige Metallized Espadrilles
Girl's Pink Vichy EspadrillesGirl's Pink Vichy Espadrilles
Baby's Unicorn Print EspadrillesBaby's Unicorn Print Espadrilles
Baby's Metalized Beige EspadrillesBaby's Metalized Beige Espadrilles
Baby's Pink Vichy EspadrillesBaby's Pink Vichy Espadrilles
Girl's Star Platinum Glow EspadrillesGirl's Star Platinum Glow Espadrilles
B&W Girl's Platinum Metallized EspadrillesB&W Girl's Platinum Metallized Espadrilles
Girl's Star Silver Glow EspadrillesGirl's Star Silver Glow Espadrilles
Girl's Navy Embroidery EspadrillesGirl's Navy Embroidery Espadrilles
Girl's Star Pink Glow EspadrillesGirl's Star Pink Glow Espadrilles
-PORTADAGirl's Unicorn Sequins Espadrilles
-PORTADAGirl's Mermaid Sequins Espadrilles
Baby's Star Silver Glow EspadrillesBaby's Star Silver Glow Espadrilles
Baby Pelón Disney PrincessBaby Pelón Disney Princess
Baby's Star Pink Glow EspadrillesBaby's Star Pink Glow Espadrilles
Baby's Star Platinum Glow EspadrillesBaby's Star Platinum Glow Espadrilles
-PORTADAGirl's Heart Reversible Sequins Espadrilles
Baby's Navy Denim Embroidery EspadrillesBaby's Navy Denim Embroidery Espadrilles

The espadrille trend arrives to the feet of the little ones thanks to Conguitos

Discover in this section our variety of espadrille style sandals where you can find menorquinas or Valencian style sandals, with jute soles that are a must in your wardrobe for this spring summer. 

Alpargatas with ribbons

The espadrilles with ribbons knotted at the ankle are ideal for events or ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms or communions, which will make your little girl the prettiest of the place. You can find several models of espadrilles with different types of ribbons, all of them with floral motifs on the toecap that add an elegant touch to the shoes. 

The ceremony espadrilles are available in beige, light pink and platinum tones, ideal for combining with any dress or skirt in these shades, such as the ones you can find in our Girls' clothes section.

Girl's Jute sandals

In this section you can also find jute sandals, some of them even with a little wedge! The ideal shoe for the snooty ones.  

In addition to espadrilles, this section also includes open toe sandals, either with straps or buckle fastening, all of them with the original touch of their carpet style sole. 

Find the perfect espadrille or jute sandal to make your little girl feel comfortable and special in equal parts.