Girl Sneakers with Lights

Mermaid Sneakers With LightsMermaid Sneakers With Lights
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Girl's Silver Sneakers with LightsGirl's Silver Sneakers with Lights
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Girl's White Sneakers with LightsGirl's White Sneakers with Lights
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Butterfly Sneakers with LightsButterfly Sneakers with Lights
Fantasy Sneakers with LightsFantasy Sneakers with Lights
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Baby's Fantasy Sneakers with LightsBaby's Fantasy Sneakers with Lights
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Unicorn Sneakers with LightsUnicorn Sneakers with Lights
Conguitos’ Metallic BoxConguitos’ Metallic Box
Baby's Unicorn Sneakers with LightsBaby's Unicorn Sneakers with Lights
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Fun sports shoes with light by Conguitos, trainers with lights that light up when you step on them

In its new collection, Conguitos has presented all the models of trainers with light, original children's trainers that light up with every step. Thanks to their innovative technology, the Conguitos sports shoes with light are the novelty of the season.

This year, the Conguitos sports shoes with light.

This year, Conguitos light-up trainers are available in striking designs with an endless number of prints and colours, from silver with butterflies, glitter or bright hearts in fuchsia tones. Comfort is fused with colour and trends, so our little ones can wear the best footwear.

They are available in a wide range of colours and prints.

In addition, the Conguitos seal guarantees a quality shoe at the best price. Don't hesitate, they will be the favourite of the season! Visit the Conguitos Online Shop and discover the rest of the collection of light-up trainers.

Wide catalogue of light up shoes for girls and boys

You will be able to find the sports shoe with lights that best suits the tastes of your little ones. For both boys and girls, and in all sizes and colours. From plain colours and simple designs to the most daring glitter and metallic finishes.

Combine them with some fashion trousers for girls, or with some fun Bermuda shorts for them, and complete the perfect outfit for the occasion. A casual, carefree look that she'll have fun playing with non-stop.

Sportswear with light, the best gift for babies, girls and boys

This season Conguitos presents a great novelty,sneakers with lights for babies, now the little ones can also wear the funniest trainers on the market.

They'll be able to wear the most fun trainers on the market.

If you want to get it right for birthdays, and above all at Christmas, give baby shoes with lights for babies, girls and boys, they are much more than just comfortable and trendy footwear: a world of fun at every step!

The sneakers with lights for babies.

The sneakers with lights from Conguitos are available in a wide variety of designs and colours. They are the perfect all-terrain slippers for all kinds of playtime activities for your kids: they won't be able to stop playing at every step, reinventing their playtime!

They're perfect for all kinds of playtime activities: they won't be able to stop playing at every step, reinventing their playtime!

You can make your purchase without leaving your home thanks to our online sales service, where you can process your entire purchase from our website

Choose your favourite light sport, and combine it with the extensive catalogue of products offered by the firm: girls' T-shirts, dresses for girls, children's shirts... and don't forget to visit our sales section.

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