Children's wellington boots


Autumn is here! Change of season, lower temperatures and lots of rain. Although we would love to stay at home drinking a glass of warm milk, we have to go to school so that the little ones can continue learning.

We present our most original footwear for this season: children's wellies. As much as it pains us, it's time to dive into the wardrobe change and replace the swimming costumes with jackets and sweatshirts. But don't worry. We've got the must-have for your little one to make the most of the rain and snow.


For these rainy days, the best option is a pair of wellies to prevent your feet from getting wet, thus avoiding catching a cold. Here are some of the main advantages of using them:

  • Thermal insulation: this footwear has the ability to protect our children's feet from the rain, cold and even snow. It is important that they have a lined interior to improve this insulation.
  • Waterproofing: rain is no longer a problem. With rain boots, the little ones can splash around without fear of getting their feet wet.
  • Lightweight and easy to wash: designed in waterproof rubber, this footwear barely weighs, perfect for carrying them wherever you want. Plus, thanks to their material, you can get rid of any dirt with just a damp cloth.

This is an ideal shoe for the little ones to adapt to different terrains and weather situations, without fear of damaging them or their shoes.

Katiuskas para niños


The most important feature of these shoes is waterproofing. These waterproof footwear models are designed so you don't have to worry about where your little one steps. Made of waterproof rubber, their feet will always be protected. In addition, they have a non-slip rubber sole, which guarantees grip. Avoiding those slips and falls that we are so afraid of.

We also know that, especially in the mornings, dressing your little one can be a real nightmare. That's why this type of girls' and boys' shoes by Conguitos have handles on the upper area to make putting them on easier than ever.

Another feature to take into account is the height. The shaft of some children's wellies can be too high. This interferes with their mobility, and their comfort can be affected. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a wellington boot whose shaft fits our little one's legs and clothes without any problems. This avoids inopportune chafing and water getting into their feet.

Do you want to know more about Conguitos wellies? Bright colours, fun designs and quality materials, we present them to you!


Botas de lluvia para niños

These mythical creatures are back to make your little one enjoy every drop of rain. You can find three dinosaur models in our collection. The first, in navy blue, has eyes on the front with orange spikes that are also found on the back, matching the serrated sole.

Another of our models features a camouflage print in shades of green and yellow spikes on the front and back. In our collection you will also find an eye-catching blue model of wellies with a snake texture. The big eyes on the front and the crest on the back will delight your little one.


Botas de lluvia infantiles

A classic when it comes to fantasy: unicorn wellies. At Conguitos, we present three models ideal to add that colourful touch to the days when the sun barely comes out.

The first model, available in fuchsia, has a rainbow tail, little stars, a horn on the front in turquoise and details in lilac. The second model is pink, with fuchsia details. It also has wings on the sides and a glitter finish. The last model features an animal print with metallic finish, which will stand out on the greyest of days.


Botas de goma infantiles

And after the storm, the calm comes and the rainbow appears! Without a doubt, this is the model for the little ones who dare to do anything. The rainbow details and glitter clouds stand out against the silver background.

With this model, girls and boys have the opportunity to become that little ray of light that we miss so much on cloudy days.

This shoe is ideal for rainy-day strolls around town, or exploring the great outdoors in puddles or snow. No matter where you live, wellies are without a doubt the shoe of choice for autumn and winter.