Merceditas bebé primeros pasos unicornio

Best Shoes for First Steps. Which ones to choose

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One of the most unforgettable moments in our children's development comes when they stand up for the first time. Their way of relating to the world changes and they need to explore every corner without limits. We present you some of our proposals for baby shoes for first steps that are most acclaimed by mums and dads who are looking for comfortable and flexible shoes for this stage of life.

We give you some tips to know which baby shoes to choose.


We know how delicate children's feet are for their correct development. The first steps are a magical moment that remains in the memory forever and we seek to design children's footwear models with respectful and trendy materials.

These unicorn baby shoes are very comfortable and flexible. In addition to guaranteeing breathability, they are light, fun and colourful! On the other hand, these baby shoes for first steps have a rounded and reinforced toe, thus allowing greater protection for their little toes.

Merceditas bebé primeros pasos unicornio

These canvas slippers for the first steps are made from high-quality materials. They stand out with their rainbow, heart and star print and their hook-and-loop fastener makes them easy to take off and put on. Fantastic, aren't they?


Because of their flexibility, vegan leather shoes will be the perfect ally for the protection of feet that are beginning to take their first steps. They are ideal for when it's time to have fun on sandy ground, stones or steps.

This navy-coloured sandal model for babies is flexible, breathable and comfortable. It is made of vegan leather and has a flexible rubber sole, so that little feet have great mobility and good support at the same time.
Their reinforced heel and toe stabilise movement and help them crawl. And they're easy to put on and take off thanks to their grippy strap - they'll be able to do it themselves in no time!

Without a doubt, these baby sandals are ideal for their first runs, jogs and adventures wherever they take them. The ideal type of footwear for baby's psychomotor development in their first years of life. They are available in sizes 20 to 26, in navy blue and white.


When we look for the best baby shoes for first steps, we want our little ones to learn while stimulating their senses. We suggest models that are easy to take off and put on and adaptable to the foot, such as these water repellent leather baby shoes.

Merceditas de bebé de cuero water repellent

Specially designed for crawling and first experiences exploring the world, this first step shoe combines a technical design that adapts to the physiognomy of the baby's foot with innovative and sustainable materials. The reinforced toe and heel stabilise movement and help them move.

Made with a flexible sole and a fastening with an adhesive strap, they are the perfect footwear for baby's psychomotor development in this special stage.


Also, we have to take into account that we have to put them on and take them off several times, so the less we repeat the operation, the better.

So, a great option for these little daily problems could be the baby boots in navy blue water repellent.

Botas de bebé water repellent primeros pasos azul marino

This vegan leather first-step model is made with water repellent technology, so that water stays on the outside and does not seep into the inside of our little ones' feet.

It has a velcro fastening, making it easy to put on, and a rubber sole to guarantee flexibility and natural movement of the foot.

Our collection of baby shoes for first steps, beyond the style or design, fulfil a very important function: to protect their feet while they go into the adventure of discovering the environment that surrounds them.

At Conguitos, it will be easy for you to find the best baby shoes for first steps, ideal to accompany them in their first stage of growth. Moreover, you will be able to choose from different models depending on the season or style of children's footwear.