camping shoes


There are fewer and fewer days left to cross off on the calendar. Almost unexpectedly the months have passed and the summer holidays are just around the corner. That's why our children's excitement can be felt in the air. One of their favourite and most awaited moments of the year is approaching: getting their backpacks and trainers ready to go camping.

In order to shorten the to-do list for the occasion, we bring you a selection of camping shoes to enjoy every outdoor adventure.


The countdown begins. Every minute counts when it comes to organising all the essentials for going camping. There are many elements to take into account but, without a doubt, one of the most important will be your children's footwear.

The right choice requires a number of special features. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that camping shoes need to be:

  1. Comfortable: To wear them all day long and be able to run and play non-stop.
  2. Breathable: For adequate ventilation to allow comfortable wear.
  3. Lightweight: For frenetic activity. This way, every step your little ones take will mean less effort when walking.
  4. Resistant: So that they can adapt well to the conditions of the camp. Therefore, it will be necessary that the materials of the footwear are strong and durable.
  5. Grippy sole: Important to provide traction on different terrains. For example, rocky paths or slippery surfaces.


The main option that may come to mind for this occasion is a closed shoe style such as white trainers or trainers. However, sandals can also be a great alternative for a camping trip.

Although the classic lace-up trainers are always a good choice, this type of footwear can also offer many possibilities.  For example, they are a perfect choice if our kids are camping near a water environment. This could be the case of a river or a lake.

In addition, they allow for greater mobility as they do not restrict the action of the toes or the arch of the foot. This makes the shoe much more comfortable and functional.

On the other hand, they are also easy to put on and take off due to their simple strap fastening. So the sandals are sure to be a camping essential.

sandals for camping


Protection is another factor that should not be overlooked in these cases. Our children will be immersed in an infinite number of exciting activities such as sports, outdoor excursions or zip-lining.

These outings will undoubtedly foster their spirit of adventure, growth and learning. Therefore, it is very important that they are prepared with appropriate footwear to enjoy each and every one of them.

A great option for this are high top trainers. This type of model will provide safety and comfort. They are also perfectly designed for walking on uneven terrain. For example, rocky areas, areas with branches or a lot of dirt.

Another point in favour of high heels is the fact that they provide great stability as they make use of quite thick soles. What's more, by also protecting the ankle area, this type of footwear allows our little ones to have more grip and support when exploring every nook and cranny.

High top trainers for camping


Without a doubt, in this selection you can't miss the star shoe of all times: a pair of lace-up trainers for camping. This is a classic and timeless shoe that combines the three most important characteristics of the models seen above: breathability, comfort and protection.

It's the perfect hybrid for your little ones to enjoy an unforgettable camping holiday. And you can choose between models with a fun print or a plain and simple design.

The versatility offered by these shoes is perfect when it comes to exploring different places and carrying out the most exciting activities. Thanks to their durability and resistance, they will become the essential piece to enjoy the summer camp days to the fullest.

sneaker for camping

New friends, campfires at night, excursions and dreamlike landscapes... This occasion will become an unforgettable experience that your little ones will always remember. Every step they take will be a special adventure, so their camping sneakers are the only essential they'll need.