organic sandals for girls, boys and babies


When the July and August sun starts to raise the temperatures, our children's fun days come into action. It's time to say goodbye to school and hello to an eternal holiday. This season is undoubtedly the great favourite when it comes to enjoying and exploring. That's why, in order not to miss a single plan, BIO sandals come out of the back of the wardrobe ready to become the footwear par excellence.

A trip, a trip to the beach or a day in the country. Any occasion is perfect for our little ones to wear their sandals for the first time. The design of this piece is designed for a light footprint that will allow them to walk around every corner. That's why it's a summer essential.


The summer season has its essentials when it comes to clothing and footwear. Undoubtedly, this type of shoe is part of this list due to its many possibilities and characteristics:

  • Materials: One of the most distinctive features of this type of footwear is that it is made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. They decompose quickly and naturally at the end of their useful life.
  • Comfort: Its eco sole makes it a light and comfortable shoe that allows children's feet to breathe properly, reducing the risk of chafing.
  • Durability: This shoe is designed to be durable. The soft and flexible materials provide great durability and a unique aesthetic.

Here's an exclusive selection of designs to make your little ones feel like the real stars of their summer adventures.


Vibrant tones are always welcome, especially when the days are getting warmer and sunny. That's why a perfect option to match your little ones' outfits are BIO sandals with prints. Undoubtedly, the full-colour designs have a fun and very unique essence. In fact, there are many possibilities to choose from:

You can choose between simple, classic patterns with subtle, neutral tones. Or go for daring models to give that unique and distinctive touch. For example, floral, military or animal print patterns.

Any choice will be the right one. In addition, you can also choose from different types of fastenings to ensure they fit your little one's feet perfectly. From buckle fasteners to hook-and-loop fasteners.

white BIO girl's sandals with flower print


The time capsule has perfectly preserved a model that is the protagonist every summer. In this case, we are talking about the matte sandals. This design is a continuous trend that never goes out of fashion. Precisely for this reason, it has become the basic of the season.

It is an all-terrain shoe with materials that are characterised by being elastic, durable and very resistant. In addition, they can be easily adjusted for great support and stability.

The rubber sole and wide straps also provide good grip and exceptional comfort. They are sure to be a must-have for combining with all kinds of outfits.

organic baby sandals


Although BIO sandals for children are known for being an everyday shoe, they also have unique designs created for a special occasion. For example, models with a glitter or metallic effect.

Their characteristic essence not only manages to highlight any outfit, but also manages to bring great luminosity. Thus, they become the star shoe for summer events. Especially thanks to the fact that they are elegant, comfortable, breathable and very light.

In addition, the gold and silver tones of this type of design are capable of adding an exclusive yet sophisticated touch.

organic girl's sandals with glitter effect

Without a doubt, the ECO sandals for girls and boys are the perfect footwear with which to experience all the emotions of summer. This design not only reduces the environmental impact, but it is also a trend with which children can enjoy great comfort.

Let them go on any of the adventures that await them. BIO sandals are the secret to keeping them one step ahead this season.