A day with friends enjoying nature, with clothes to be comfortable with all day and "off-road" shoes. Being in contact with animals on a day of absolute freedom walking through meadows and fields is the dream of any girl.

We take you to the cold lands of the north, in contrast to what all the garments in the New Collection convey: sweaters, skirts, pants and jackets so as not to be a bit cold.

And let's not forget footwear, also suitable for high temperatures, in sports and boot versions.

The Collection

In most of the garments, details that make a difference stand out, giving prominence to crowns, hearts and other elements that alternate different materials. Sequins, "hairs" or embroidery, create a very special and different effect.

The essence of the 80s also has a place in the New Conguitos Collection, recovering the houndstooth prints and the Scottish box, which become part of the children's world in skirts and dresses.

Coats and fur garments are combined to complete the basic winter wardrobe, and they are allied with white, which is no longer just for summer. Along with boots and sneakers with the acclaimed "sheepskin", a super complete total look is created with which to enjoy the freedom and rebellion of nature in winter.