On boarding! Navy trend

On boarding! Navy trend

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Summer is not officially inaugurated until the seafaring trend is installed in the wardrobes of our little ones. Season after season, this style has managed to become one of the most favorite of the whole family. And it is that the freshness and comfort that each of the marine garments evokes takes us to magical trips to the seashore, and to vacations!

This season, Conguitos bets again on this trend. The classic white, navy blue and red coexist with bright details, such as the applications on T-shirts and skirts of patches with anchors, flowers and stars. New shapes in dresses for the most presumptuous girls that are presented in very lady clean cut designs with large flared skirts, ruffles and tulle. The denim fabric coexists perfectly with the line in shorts, skirts and jackets with appliqués.

Do you want to know the keys to succeed with your sailor looks this summer?

  • Less is more. Pair a striped T-shirt with denim shorts or a skirt in a neutral shade. If you prefer to add a navy touch to the bottom, combine it with a basic t-shirt.
  • Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as cotton. It will allow them to move more freely and enjoy the summer season to the fullest. Conguitos uses responsible materials such as cotton of the highest quality, its garments being 100% composed of this fabric.
  • Set of volumes. In the summer collection of Conguitos you will find shirts with peplum detail, combine them with straight shapes such as shorts or jeans. For the pompous bottoms, dress them with more fitted T-shirts or shirts.
  • Complete the look with the shoes of the season: espadrilles. Made in Spain, the new Conguitos collection of girl's espadrilles combines fantasy prints with metallic straps. A sole that guarantees breathability and comfort, as well as a rubber sole that facilitates flex and comfort of the tread.


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