Recommendations for Back to School

Recommendations for Back to School

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Back to School is very close. From Conguitos we want to prepare you for the important choice of school footwear, which influences the development of girls and boys so much.

We tell you some tips to know what is most important when choosing a schoolboy.

  • Avoid synthetic materials because they increase the risk of accumulating bacteria.
  • Take into account the type of sole; that is comfortable, does not cause pain and does not cause bad posture or incorrect steps.
  • Choose a suitable size. We should not choose a very small size or a larger size to take advantage of it in future seasons. The foot must be perfectly adapted to the silver of the shoe.

At Conguitos we seek to help you avoid the usual problems when choosing. For this reason, we present our two lines of schoolboys.

Our schoolchildren with Go Flex technology that provides all the flexibility and mobility that the child needs to walk are already common, but with an anti-torsion design, which avoids the deformation of the sole and the consequent sprains of the ankle. They also include the shock absorption system, which distributes weight for optimal cushioning and proper shock absorption.

On the other hand, the Wash Me line continues to be an important part of this collection. It is a set of washable leather school shoes with a removable antibacterial insole, which contributes to improving protection by cushioning the footprint and, as a novelty, washable sports shoes are added to expand the offer with a more sporty version. Perfect to keep up with the rhythm from the first days to the end of the course.

The comfort of mothers and fathers is also important to us, so we also tell you some very useful tips about your Wash Me.

  • Washable children's shoes are easy to clean and can be put directly into the washing machine!
  • The quality materials in the manufacture of the shoes ensure that they can be washed without problems. Once dry, they will look just as beautiful as the first day.
  • They include an antibacterial insole that you must remove before washing them in the washing machine.
  • Their simple design includes reinforcement in the toe, which makes them super resistant and complete shoes for the (longed for) Back to School.