Conguitos Back to School

Conguitos Back to School

Conguitos brings you its new Back to School collection to start the season with enthusiasm. As it could not be less, the iconic schoolboys arrive who are already part of the regulars of many moms. This year they come with news and as usual designed to make the day to day of these little heroes and of the moms and dads easier!

Thus, we find designs of both sneaker and schoolboy shoes in common use. Colors? Those that best combine with any garment: white, navy, black and brown.


On the other hand, the Wash Me line continues to be an important part of this collection. It is a set of leather schoolboys that you can put in the washing machine and leave them as the first day. In addition, the removable antibacterial insole cushions the footprint and provides security to the foot.



We also maintain our GoFlex system, which is already common in this type of footwear. This line allows schoolboys to adapt to each movement, contributing to the improvement of mobility in each step. In addition, they distribute the weight evenly absorbing the impacts and thus becoming the best option.

A complete collection that comes to accompany the little ones in the most important moments of childhood and that you can find already available on the Conguitos website.