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Since 1990, Conguitos is a benchmark brand in the children's footwear sector that manufactures its shoes using the latest technological advances and the most sophisticated quality controls, ensuring the correct development of children's feet. The firm also designs and manufactures children's clothing, offering the possibility of acquiring the perfect total look for any time of the day.

On this occasion, Conguitos presents its new FW19 season, inspired by current trends: animal print, sporty airs and spatial inspiration, which, together with our classic romantic line, form a unique and special collection.

A collection that is characterized by its exceptional quality and innovative manufacturing techniques, giving rise to garments that glow in the dark, pompoms with light and hairs with their own prints, which give the brand's distinctive and stylish touch.

The key to my Heart

The most romantic line in the collection, "The key to my Heart", is renewed combining a charming floral pattern in shades of pink, along with more daring fabrics such as denim or neoprene, all adorned with details in rhinestones and glitters.

Let the Adventure begin

Inspired by travel, the line "Let the Adventure begin" dresses a brave and adventurous girl. The leopard or houndstooth print is enhanced thanks to the cherry red that contrasts with the camel and the gold details.

Winter Sports

In contrast, the "Winter Sports" line defines a more casual and fun girl. Shiny garments in sports fabrics in navy and red tones, with details of hearts and stars in silver, which evoke the purest après-ski style.

Lost in Space

The most groundbreaking line is "Lost in Space", which softens the force of the black color with fun pastel prints and iridescent space-themed details, adorned with details such as glow in the dark or light pompoms.


As for footwear, the firm continues to be in the highest positions thanks to the constant study of the needs of children, without losing the essence of the brand.

Always aware of the latest trends, the collection stands out for the richness of materials and the care of every detail, offering exclusive designs, comfortable and for daily use, as well as for more special occasions.

Conguitos reinvents the ballerina with animal print fabrics, fur details or large bows on the instep, with contrasts in intense and powerful colors on the inside. The ankle boots and sneakers are renewed by incorporating more volume in the sole, and the Australian boots, stars of the firm, incorporate new patterns and fabrics.