The best shoes to put on and take off easily for children

The best shoes to put on and take off easily for children

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When the little ones grow up, they want to be more independent and start to want to take off and put on their shoes by themselves and they repeat: "Mummy, I'm a grown-up!"

They like to feel that sense of freedom that comes from doing things on their own.

As you know, we always invite you to let your imagination and experimentation run free and, for that reason, we present you some ideal Conguitos models for boys, girls and babies, which are very easy to take off and put on.

The Unisex Trainers with a star-shaped light

This lovely shoe with grey details has a star-shaped light on the side, which lights up with every step you take. It makes it easy for children to wear, as it has a hook-and-loop fastener and decorative elastic laces, which, in addition to providing great support, are a real eye-catcher.

In addition, their rubber toecap and perforated instep help to improve breathability of the foot.

Ideal and comfortable, available in sizes 25 to 36.

The multicoloured strappy sandals for girls

These refreshing sandals are made in leather. They have multicoloured straps in pink, green and yellow, and a hook-and-loop fastener on the instep. This way they secure both the little one's foot and can be taken off and put on by themselves.

They will also be able to run, jump and dance in total comfort thanks to the leather lining and insole, and the flexible rubber sole.

As cool as they are cute, available in sizes 25 to 36.

Shoes for your baby's first steps

Our baby collection has been designed so that mummy and daddy can put on and take off their baby shoes quickly. Although we recommend that your baby's little feet should be free for as long as possible during the first months of life, our models are ideal for those moments when it is necessary to put them on.

Available from size 19 to 23.

High top shoes for baby's

The smallest of the house could not be left without following the latest trends of the season. These trainers are ideal if we want to opt for a fashionable outfit. Our aim? We want them to go with the latest trends and they can start trying to take off and put on their shoes, it's a highly recommended exercise to work on their psychomotor skills!

Don't let the laces fool you, these shoes, made of canvas, have a zip on the side of the boot. In addition, their rubber sole guarantees great flexibility, and the reinforced toe helps to protect their little toes.

Practical and safe, available in sizes 20 to 26.

The basic High Top Black Trainers

This beauty is the big sister of the previous ones. For older boys and girls who still want to take advantage of the great comfort they can offer. They are a must for the day to day that cannot be missing in our wardrobe and, in spite of their laces, our boys and girls can forget about tangles, since they also have a zip on the side of the boot.

In addition, they have a flexible sole and reinforced toe, providing greater flexibility for their feet and great protection for their toes.

Basic, wearable and on-trend, with more variety in prints and colours, available from size 27 to 38.

The girl's sport shoe with a pink heart with lights 

What do you think of this little cutie? It's a piece that your little one won't be able to resist, and why lie, neither will we! These girls' sneakers don't go unnoticed thanks to the heart on the side of the shoe that lights up with each step.

They are very resistant, as they are made of patent leather. Their rubber sole and textile insole ensure our little girl's comfort. And the rubber toecap perfectly protects their little toes.

They also have decorative laces in pink and have an adhesive closure with the Conguitos logo, which makes it easy for little girls to take off and put on their trainers by themselves as and when they want.

Special and adorable, they will become your little one's favourite shoe, available from size 25 to 34.

All these models and others in many more colours and prints are available on our website.

What are you waiting for? Skip the laces and join the no fuss, no muss, no muss team.

Forget the hassle and get the model that best suits your little one!