Easy wedding hairstyle ideas for girls

Easy wedding hairstyle ideas for girls

Wedding or event coming up and you still don't know how to style your little one's hair? Girls' hairstyles for ceremonies are often a headache for mums and dads. If you have run out of ideas, we share with you some top proposals that you can combine with our selection of hair accessories for girls.

The hairstyle you choose for the events you go to has become, in recent years, as important as the look you choose to wear. And it's the same with the little ones, we want them to look as stylish as we do! Our recommendation? Make it easy for them to play, have fun and enjoy summer events with a comfortable and long-lasting hairstyle.

The recommendation from fashion stylists is to take into account your little one's hair type when choosing the ideal hairstyle. As a rule, younger children have fine hair, while older children will have thicker and thicker hair.

Another tip: the styling treatment you choose should be as natural as possible so as not to damage our daughters' hair and to ensure they have a healthy mane.

Now, we propose you different options of easy wedding hairstyles for girls, so that they will look beautiful and comfortable at all the events this year:

Braided hairstyles for girls

The hairstyle par excellence for girls is the braid, as well as being a very easy to do up-do, it has many possibilities to choose from. There are classic braids, herringbone braids, root braids... And these can be combined or even worn with a loose mid-length hair...

TIP CONGUITOS: We recommend always finishing the braid with this glass spiral hair tie or hairpin with bows, to give it a special touch.

Hairstyles for girls with short hair

It seems that when little girls have short hair we think it's impossible to give them special hairstyles for events. Any ideas? We can always choose to gather (if they don't have fringes) the strands in front or even add a hair accessory for girls, like this pink bow headband for girls with which we will give a different but simple touch.

Hairstyles for girls with long hair

As with short hair, there are endless possibilities. The simplest is to opt for a loose hair and mould it a bit to give it that festive touch we are looking for. We can add accessories or tie up the hair with a pretty hair tie. At Conguitos you can find these fabric scrunchies in pastel tones, which won't go unnoticed by anyone.

Casual Hairstyles for Girls

If your daughter prefers to play like there's no tomorrow and you know she'll end up with her braid undone and losing all the bows you're going to put in her hair, the best option is always to leave her hair loose, without any kind of accessory. Don't forget to carry a ponytail in your handbag, like this Conguitos set, so that when she starts to act up, you can quickly put her hair in a ponytail and she'll have a great time.

Stylish hairstyles for girls

If, on the other hand, your daughter doesn't let her hair down so easily and lets you experiment with all the hairstyles you've seen on Pinterest, you've got it easy. It's time to put all the hairstyle tutorials for girls you've seen into practice and give her an elegant updo for such a special day. Plus, you know she'll end the day just as she started it. You can add a mini bow to the updo, like these from Conguitos, to give a less classic touch to the final style.