Take care of your baby's first steps

Take care of your baby's first steps

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The time has come: your baby is starting to crawl and soon he will even stand up to surprise you with his first steps. At Conguitos we have the perfect baby shoes for this moment. We are talking about our baby shoes for First Steps.

This baby shoe is characterised for being a respectful shoe for the smallest of the house. They combine the technical design of a shoe that respects the physiognomy of the baby's foot, made with innovative and sustainable materials. The toe and heel are reinforced to stabilise movement and encourage crawling. In addition, they have a flexible sole and the fastening is below the ankle with an adherent strap, which ensures the foot is held in place and allows optimal mobility. What's more, they are made of washable leather! They can be machine washed to keep them looking as good as new.

In our online shop you can find the New Collection of baby shoes for first steps, with different designs and colours so that you can find the one that best suits your baby.

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