How to clean canvas trainers?

How to clean canvas trainers?

The canvas sneakers are a great option if we are talking about children´s  footwear: cute, comfortable and affordable. These children's sneakers are the perfect choice for any look.

But we know this kind of sneakers  are more likely  to get dirty after a whole day playing in the park. The great advantage is that these fabric sneakers dry quickly.

We bring you an ideal tip on the care of canvas sneakers so they last much longer as new and will result easier to clean them.

We propose you the best option to leave the canvas as the first day:

  1. Shake the sneakers in case any dirt remains.
  1. Use a soft bristle brush to remove sand, dust...
  1. Clean them with a sponge or brush dipped in a mixture of wáter, neutral soap and baking soda. Clean in a circular motion over the stains. Wipe over the mixture with a clean dry cloth to finish.
  1. Do not forget to put newspaper inside the shoe to absorb the moisture and keep it in a good shape.
  1. Leave them in the shade so they get dry and do not lose the color in the sun.


And that´s it!  Now you have your new canvas shoes, impeccable as the first day.

You can also get some specific  product for the maintenance of the sneakers and delay in some way the first wash for longer.