Metallic sandals will be a trend this 2023


Shiny and luminous finishes are something that undoubtedly fascinates our little ones. That's why, just as if they were a treasure, metallic sandals have become an essential piece for all their adventures.

Their versatility knows no limits. Although it may seem like a shoe reserved for special occasions, it can always be combined with simple, casual outfits.  So it is a leading design for special events as well as for a day-to-day outfit.

In addition, its characteristic shiny effect makes it a unique model with a distinguished and elegant touch. That is why it is a rising trend that season after season manages to sneak into the wardrobe of our kids.


Far from being a limited model, the options that a metallic sandal offers when it comes to matching are multiple. So much so, that we have selected a series of tips so that you can make the most of your little ones' outfits:

  • With headbands or ribbons: Shoes with a glitter or metallic effect go perfectly with event accessories such as ribbons, scrunchies or headbands. Especially if they also contain a shiny element or finish to match.
  • With minimalist garments: Metallic sandals have the superpower to turn a simple outfit into an iconic ensemble. Without a doubt, they are the perfect piece to add a lot of brightness and a distinctive touch.
  • With vibrant tones: Colours such as orange, fuchsia or electric blue are great allies for this type of design. The eccentricity of the shades is perfectly complemented by the metallic finishes.

So that you don't miss any clue, we show you below different alternatives to choose the metallic sandals for your little one and make the right decision.


It's likely that when you think of the design of this type of sandals, two main colours come to mind: gold and silver. Without a doubt, they are the two winning bets when it comes to metallized sandals. That's why they're a classic and timeless option with which to match all kinds of outfits.

However, their festive nature makes them essential for events. From weddings and communions to christenings and other special celebrations.

Don't forget that for this type of event, the most important thing is that our children feel comfortable in breathable, flexible and versatile footwear. That's why, if you choose a piece made with BIO materials, you will get extra points to add to the styling.

Our collection of metallic sandals from Conguitos brand


Although the main colours are silver and gold, there are also other colours that turn metallic sandals into a more casual and unique piece.

During the last few seasons we have been able to see how the most important catwalks have welcomed different metallic colours such as orange, green, blue or pink in their fashion shows. Now, this trend is also being transferred to children's footwear, offering unique models with which to combine any day-to-day outfit.

Without a doubt, this type of design will become one of your little one's favourites thanks to its mix of colours and glitter finish.

Different styles and colours in our metallic sandals


An outfit with personality always comes with a distinctive piece. In this case, if you prefer a more unique shoe for your little one, you can always opt for a metallic sandal with details.

Although it may seem a riskier choice than the previous ones, the result will surprise you. In fact, you can choose between different finishes such as: glittering stones, crystals, relief or iridescent material among others.

Moreover, you can combine any type of garment with this style of metallic sandals. Just try to respect the essence and design of the footwear so that it is the true protagonist of the outfit.

Metallic sandals with decorative motifs from the Conguitos brand

There is no doubt that metallic sandals are a timeless trend that manages to be present after every season. Follow the recommendations in this post and discover the different versions and designs available so that your little one always shines with their own light.