wellies trends 2023


When the daylight hours start to shorten and the sun shines less brightly, autumn becomes the main protagonist. That's when our little ones can't help but get excited: rainy days are just around the corner and it's time to combine mackintoshes and wellies.

The cold season is already timidly approaching and the change of wardrobe is practically inevitable. That's why, with the arrival of these new changes, it's time to replace t-shirts with jumpers and sandals with wellies and umbrellas.

Even if the days turn greyish, at Conguitos we have the solution so that this season doesn't lose its fun and colourful touch.


Although it may not seem like it, stormy days and cold air can have their advantages. The key is to find the perfect pieces to protect yourself and give a unique touch to your little ones' outfits.

That's why we bring you a selection of options that you can take note of when it comes to combining wellies:

  • With unique colours and details: There are countless designs that can provide a unique and special touch. Bold tones, prints and fancy patterns can create a stylish outfit for a rainy day.

  • With winter accessories: Nothing like a scarf and a hat to complement an autumn outfit with wellies. No doubt these two items will be perfect when it comes to adding extra points.

  • With a matching umbrella or mackintosh: A total look can also be a great option for a stormy day. This way, the finishing touch to the outfit will be definitive.

Once these ideas have been noted down, all that remains is to choose the model with which our little ones will enjoy their snowy and rainy days. To do this, we present you with a selection that will help you complete your list of essentials for the autumn season.

autumn winter children's boots trend


What's better than jumping in puddles and doing it with a pair of wellies with light! Without a doubt, fantasy designs are timeless basics that always manage to surprise the little ones at home. So much so, that more than just footwear for rainy days, these models end up becoming eye-catching toys to have fun with.

You can opt for glitter or textured finishes to highlight their favourite outfits. Although we also invite you to innovate with designs that recreate some of their favourite creatures, such as dinosaurs or unicorns.

But if we talk about the great favourite of children's fashion autumn winter 2024 we can't forget to mention the models with lights. In this case, we are talking about our wellies with lights that are activated when walking and jumping. The perfect combination for your little ones to shine in the rain.

glitter boots trend


Although wellies with fancy details are always a winning option. There are a number of other designs that are also topping the charts this season.

These are models that breathe the street style trend and are inspired by the classic seasonal boots. At first glance, they look like a traditional ankle boot, perfect for combining with any autumn outfit. However, they are actually wellies with an impeccable and simple finish, designed for both rainy days and everyday wear.

Without a doubt, this type of design has become an essential for the back-to-school season, and with good reason. Its casual and informal aesthetic combines perfectly with all kinds of outfits. In addition, its neutral beige and black tones will complement your little one's casual outfits.

On the other hand, this model has a double-layer insole and a rubber sole for superior grip. This not only helps to avoid colds and colds as they are waterproof, but also prevents slips and falls thanks to their anti-slip factor.

children's gumboots trend

Maybe with the arrival of the cold season, plans at home become more attractive. A sofa, a blanket, a cartoon film and, why not, a hot chocolate!

Of course, we can't forget to play outdoors too, even when the weather is not so nice. Autumn is synonymous with wellies, so enjoy the rainy days splashing around.