Give Conguitos this Christmas

Give Conguitos this Christmas

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Find the perfect gift for the little ones from Conguitos

A selection of products with which the success is assured, and the illusion while they open their gifts too!
Because we know that giving clothes, apart from being practical, can also be a lot of fun. Therefore, you have the boots, sports shoes and clothes that could undoubtedly be in a catalog of games with elements such as glitter, Christmas colors, lights, sequins and velvet that take over this selection of products that take care of every detail to perfection.

Do you want to get it right? Give away unicorns! They have undoubtedly become the top 1 of the favorites lists and nobody can avoid saying ooh! Seeing them. After the success of the first version, Conguitos reinvents the classic unicorn shoe model to add… Light! And a more technical air. Success is assured.

unicornio con luz conguitos

animal lover by conguitos 

zapatillas con luz conguitos

sudadera con luz conguitos


The quintessential winter boots become the perfect gift if you are looking to be practical and surprise. Conguitos reinvents the classic Australian bootie models to give them an original touch with details such as bows, bells or pompoms with which we drool.

zapatillas conguitos burdeos

zapatillas conguitos

zapatillas de niña leopardo

botas leopardo militares

botas de conguitos


Have fun at each event with our selection of no "Congui" no Party garments. Sequins and glitter are presented as the protagonists of the nights in which the little ones will shine more than the stars.

camiseta brillo en la oscuridad

lentejuelas reversibles conguitos

vestidos eventos conguitos 


Discover all the ideas that we have prepared for you, because we know the emotion and enthusiasm with which the little ones open gifts and how special that moment is. This Christmas give Conguitos and get it right.