Prepare your cart for Black Friday

Prepare your cart for Black Friday

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One of the most anticipated dates is approaching for all of us who know the best time to buy our favorites of the season.

Black Friday is coming

Equip the smallest of the house with the latest from Conguitos, taking advantage of the discounts on Black Friday, which has been going strong: 20% off all over the web! We don't see a better opportunity to renew all winter footwear.

Winter essentials

Here we show you the most desired of Black Friday. Australians proof against cold waves and sub-zero Christmas trips. Sneakers that give light even on the grayer days of the year and animal print biker boots for the upcoming events. It will be very difficult for you to choose just one model!

Prepare your cart now!

Also, you can now leave your cart ready! Leave it ready and you will have everything ready so that nothing escapes you.