Conguitos’ new footwear line Tecnobaby, fosters the child’s natural learning, helping her feel confident and safe when taking her first steps.

Tecnobaby by Conguitos adapts to the growth of the baby, taking into account the importance of this first stage of his life and adapting to each stage, from crawling to taking first steps, being aware of the importance of this stage and the delicacy of their little feet.


Every single element in this collection is important for the baby’s growth. The flexible rubber sole absorbs impacts and has an adhesion zone that allows an evenly weight distribution when taking steps. This line is characterized by a reinforced toe cap, which enhances crawling, avoids slipping, and at the same time protects the toes. It incorporates a heel stabilizer helping the child control movement and balance.

The heel stabilizer, the rubber outsole that extends to the top of the heel, keeps the foot’s balance and provides security. All these features, together with the closure placed below the ankle, allows great mobility, guaranteeing at the same time the Velcro fastening, make of the Tecnobaby line the perfect shoe for the baby's psychomotor development in their first months of life.


These shoes are made from the material onMicro®, a breathable and waterproof Microfiber that has organic certification, and anti-bacterial properties and is washable.


The Tecnobaby collection by Conguitos has been created taking into account the baby's needs. It uses the technology in favour of the child’s development and learning of the first steps, while respecting each stage of growth and providing security, confidence and stability.
Within the collection, you can find shoes from size 19 to 23.


Tecnobaby footwear by Conguitos is backed by INESCOP and the University Miguel Hernández, certifying an efficient design that favors the correct evolution of the baby, controls the tread and improves many aspects such as the grip, stability and the distribution of the forces. Thus, this footwear helps to avoid possible damage in tissues or in the bones of the foot and optimizes the stability of the center of pressure, improving the perception of comfort and balance.