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The new Conguitos trainers are more special than ever! Can you imagine having two types of trainers with just one pair at your feet?

The new Conguitos trainers are more special than ever!

Sneakers that change colour with the sun

The trainers that change with the sunlight from white to pink, all of them with details that transform the sneakers in a matter of seconds, are already available in the Conguitos website and points of sale. 

We have 3 models for girls, with sizes up to size 38:

- The solar sneakers are available for girls.

- The solar trainers in which the hearts and the back area change colour: Solar Hearts Trainers.

- Sneakers with embroidered stars that change from white to pink in the sunlight: Solar Stars Sneakers.

- Solar Stars Sneakers.

- Sneakers that change completely from white to pink, these trainers are white at first glance indoors, but you only need to step foot on the street to see them turn pink. In addition they have details in platinum colour both in the toecap and in the back area. 

And in addition to these, you can find 2 models with sizes for babies:

- The sporty embroidered stars, just like the girl's model, with the same details and functioning with sunlight, but in this case with velcro fastening! Solar Stars Baby Sneakers

- Finally a favourite! The patent leather solar trainers that also change completely from white to pink, the same model as the girl's but for babies also with velcro fastening and platinum details: Solar Baby Trainers

Discover each and every one of the sports shoes that change with the light of the sun and many others like the sneakers that glow in the dark or sneakers with light. The most original and fun trainers are from Conguitos!