Mermaid Sneakers With LightsMermaid Sneakers With Lights
Girl's Mermaid SneakersGirl's Mermaid Sneakers
Girl's Navy Embroidery EspadrillesGirl's Navy Embroidery Espadrilles
Girl's Mermaid Leather SandalsGirl's Mermaid Leather Sandals
Girl's Unicorn Multicolor Leather SandalsGirl's Unicorn Multicolor Leather Sandals
Girl's Pink Stars SneakersGirl's Pink Stars Sneakers
Baby's Pink Stars SneakersBaby's Pink Stars Sneakers
Unisex Silver Stars SneakersUnisex Silver Stars Sneakers
Baby's Silver Stars SneakersBaby's Silver Stars Sneakers
Girl's Platinum Stars SneakersGirl's Platinum Stars Sneakers
Girl's Star Silver Glow EspadrillesGirl's Star Silver Glow Espadrilles
Baby's Star Silver Glow EspadrillesBaby's Star Silver Glow Espadrilles
Girl's Star Pink Glow EspadrillesGirl's Star Pink Glow Espadrilles
Baby's Star Pink Glow EspadrillesBaby's Star Pink Glow Espadrilles
Unicorn Sneakers with LightsUnicorn Sneakers with Lights
Girl's Platinum Bio SandalsGirl's Platinum Bio Sandals
From €34,90
Baby's Platinum Bio SandalsBaby's Platinum Bio Sandals
Girl's Silver Bio SandalsGirl's Silver Bio Sandals
From €34,90
Baby's Silver Bio SandalsBaby's Silver Bio Sandals
Girl's Glitter Silver Wedge SandalsGirl's Glitter Silver Wedge Sandals

New Conguitos Collection: fashionable children's footwear and clothing for boys, girls and babies

The Spanish fashion and children's footwear company Conguitos, with more than 20 years of experience, brings this season the latest in children's fashion. New designs and new creations inspired by the latest trends in the sector. 

The main features of the brand's new collection are based on comfort, style, innovation and good workmanship. Its designs are carefully designed down to the smallest detail and the raw materials used have been selected with great care and attention to detail in order to offer a quality product. A large part of its production is made in Spain, a fact that gives it a seal of guarantee and competence in the children's fashion. Its capacity for innovation and the use of the latest technologies in the manufacture of its garments and footwear favour new models, modern and based on the latest trends. 

Within the brand's new collection we can find clothing and shoes for boys, girls and babies. From ballerinas, merceditas, ankle boots, sneakers-with-lights, even fur coats, tulle skirts, printed T-shirts and a wide variety of accessories. All of them are designed to fuse different styles and create a total look for every day. On every occasion, the boy or girl will be able to wear a different outfit, as the new models of clothes and shoes are available to create both dressy and casual outfits. 

Don't think twice and discover the new Conguitos collection. The latest in fashion and children's footwear

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