zapatillas de vestir


We know that the youngest in the house notice everything their mums do. Their gestures, the way they talk, and even the way they dress. And nothing can be more fun than combining clothes that you both love, like two peas in a pod! And if we talk about dress shoes, things get even more fun! Among our models, you'll find very comfortable combinations with which mum and daughter will be fashionable.

For example, white trainers for girls are always trendy, cheerful prints, pastel tones ideal for combining in spring season or some more daring models are some of the combinations that you can find in our selection of sneakers, available from size 32 to 40.


Both in our wardrobe and in our children's wardrobe, the basics are indispensable. If you're looking for a combination of dress shoes for your little one that's suitable for everyday outfits, white ankle boots will be a sure hit. An elegant, simple and comfortable option, and very modern!

You will be able to find both low-cut dress shoes as well as ankle boots. Both styles will look great on you and you'll be on trend any day. You can combine them with a denim look or a dress and both will be perfect for any occasion.

 zapatillas iguales madre e hijoFor a day out in the park or off to school, these matching shoes are comfortable, lightweight and easy to mix and match. Plus, their simple, minimal design gives them a sophisticated touch that never goes out of style.


Spring is the season of flowers and colour. If what you are looking for is to give a cheerful and fun touch to your look, the combination of pink vichy with small flowers will be perfect for you. Together with your little one, these high-cut dress shoes will give a very feminine touch to your look.

Whether in pastel shades or in the classic black and white vichy, these trainers are perfect for mums and daughters who want to stand out. Without a doubt, they are the ideal choice for these days when the good weather is approaching and we love to enjoy the outdoors.

zapatillas con estampadoThey will love to feel like mum and their fascinating combinations will go together. Plus, their Hi-Top platform is perfect for a modern and different touch.


And if daring combinations are your thing, you and your little ones will not be a problem! With sneaker styles like the multicoloured animal print, your outfit won't go unnoticed.

From animal prints to floral prints, the bootie sneakers are the perfect choice for mums and daughters looking to have fun with colourful and vibrant looks.

zapatillas con estampado 2Bold, comfortable and unique, these shoes will be the perfect choice for any occasion! Their canvas construction makes them very cool for the warmer seasons of the year. They'll be the shoes to take you on all your adventures together - you'll be the talk of the town this spring!


And if you're looking to be the envy of the streets of your city, opting for more urban models will be the perfect choice. What's more, they're perfect to combine! You can wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts or shorts, and you'll always be fashionable and in style - all eyes will be on you!

This type of dress shoe model to go with your daughters is the ideal complement for any plan around the city. Get lost in the streets, go for a walk or explore new places that only the two of you will share. Doing it together, and matching, sounds too good, doesn't it?

zapatillas animal print niñosMade in micro-layer, with a grippy rubber sole and a pastel or glitter detail, there's no excuse for dressing in style with our little ones! With the most urban models, you'll be ready to enjoy a day full of unexpected plans.

Without a doubt, the moment you open your wardrobe and decide on your outfit will become magical. Your options will be endless. And besides going together, you will share your passion for fashion... You will be able to experiment and create your own looks!

From simple, timeless styles to more daring prints, our collections offer a wide variety of dress shoe options to match your daughters' outfits. Designs to be fashionable, comfortable, cool and, above all, have fun together!