Conguitos New Collection

Conguitos New Collection

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The New Conguitos Collection has arrived to conquer the hearts of the little ones. All the garments are designed to entertain as each piece is unique and very special.

Always aware of the latest trends, the collection stands out for the richness of materials and the care of every detail, offering exclusive designs, comfortable and for daily use, as well as for more special occasions.

In this way, you will be able to find sports cars with different fabrics and finishes, looking for multipurpose designs as well as fun, the classic unicorn sports car returns, which is reinvented every season to continue making the little ones fall in love, and we do not forget to the dancers, stars of the firm, which this season incorporate new patterns and fabrics.

Conguitos includes a baby section in the SS20 Collection, following the same product line and trends.

With the success of recent seasons, the Tecnobaby by Conguitos brand continues, in which a small collection of technical baby footwear is developed, emphasizing psychomotor development and supporting the correct growth of the baby.
In short, a very complete collection with which to wear the little ones on any occasion.


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