The perfect gift for this Christmas with Conguitos

The perfect gift for this Christmas with Conguitos

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Although this year everything has been different, we have to make this Christmas the most special so that the little ones in the house do not lose their enthusiasm for anything in the world.

This year in Conguitos we have prepared a special capsule collection to spend Christmas at home: light-up shoes, Australian boots and slippers to be comfortable, warm and as original as they are fun this winter.

What better than fantasy to fill the kings of the house with enthusiasm?

navidad en casa con Conguitos

Christmas at home

After confinement in Conguitos we have become more at home and we want to be there at all times with our slippers at home. With two special editions: the Fantasy House Slippers, and the Ecological Slippers.

If you don't know what to give ... Add to your list slippers at home, besides that they always come in handy, Conguitos designs are the most original and will be the perfect gift. You can choose between three designs: Dinosaur, Unicorn and Reindeer.
zapatillas de casa fantasía

If you prefer your gift to be sustainable, for this season we also have Ecological House Slippers in collaboration with Mercredy.


moda infantil sostenible


In addition to the shoes, in this section you can also find anoraks made from recycled material, totally sustainable.

Special Edition Australian Boots

If you have not seen them yet, run because they cannot be missing from the letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men, they will be a success!

Three Australian boots with very limited Unicorn, Fantasy and Dinosaur units. A very special edition with very Christmas metallic tones and details in glitter or iridescent so as not to stop shining.

botas australianas

In addition to being beautiful and special, they have synthetic hair inside and a rubber sole to insulate from the cold while being the most flexible.

Sneakers with Light

A classic that drives them crazy! Ideal for playing, the shoes with light that are activated with the tread in up to three different colors.

For this Christmas we bring two special models that will be the ideal gift: Unicorn Slippers and Fantasy Slippers.

Conguitos con luz

Metallic and iridescent details, with glitter, horn, crown, wings and ponytail behind, it does not lack detail! Available from size 20 to 36.

Discover our entire collection "Perfect for Christmas" Limited Edition and do not miss the perfect gift for this Christmas.