We celebrate Children's Day

We celebrate Children's Day

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On Monday 26 April we celebrate, for the first time in Spain, Children's Day. This date has been chosen in honour of all of them, as they were able to endure the confinement for 42 days without leaving home, showing us all what little heroes they are.

How to celebrate Children's Day?

Children's Day is a special date to celebrate with the little ones, but we must remember that Children's Day is celebrated every day in the best way: sharing quality time with our children, giving them all the attention and love possible, especially in times of uncertainty and pandemic, where the main affected are the children due to the modification of their daily routine and activities (school, friends, recreational and sports activities, among others).

In this post we encourage you to celebrate a whole week of activities together with the little ones. What kind of activities? Playing games, watching a fun and lively film, reading stories, painting or going for a bike ride. The important thing is to strengthen family ties, with lots of love and communicating with the children, always respecting the values and rules in the family group.

We propose this Weekly Plan of activities for the week with which the children will have fun while spending time as a family:

Monday: Family game afternoon
Tuesday: Draw and make crafts
Wednesday: Go to the cinema or bowling
Thursday: Treat ourselves to a sweet treat
Friday: Family Movie Night
Saturday: Order our favorite food
Sunday: Take a long walk in the fresh air