back to school by conguitos


Summer is over and September is here. It's time to go back to school and discover new worlds. From Conguitos, we are ready to join the little ones in all the adventures, challenges and surprises that await them. Come on, let's go!

To make this back to school much more fun, we introduce our timeless and stylish collection, designed to make sure that kids, mums and dads enjoy this new stage of their lives.


back to school by conguitos

7:00 am... Time to wake up! Getting up early is difficult and sometimes, getting dressed in the morning can be a nightmare, especially for the little ones. Get rid of those dark circles and start the day with enthusiasm!

We know that shoes are an essential piece on your back-to-school must-have list. They will accompany the queens and kings of the house in every step and every challenge! That's why quality and resistance is important, and at Conguitos we know it first hand.

The school shoes with Goflex technology provide flexibility and mobility to make it easy for them to enjoy the long days at school. Their super powers? Their anti-twist design prevents the shoes from deforming with wear. Plus, their non-slip rubber sole will protect them from slipping.

Conguitos Goflex System school shoes are made in Spain and you can find them available in navy blue. Their rip-tab fastening will make it easier for you to dress your little one in the mornings, putting them on and taking them off will be easier than ever. The perfect solution for the laziest ones!



best shoes for back to school

Back to school and back to mischief. Our little ones enjoy running, jumping and playing at the playground with their classmates, and sometimes that means falls, stains and a lot of headaches for mums and dads.

Can you imagine being able to put children's leather shoes in the washing machine? With Conguitos Washable Leather School Shoes, the little ones will be able to run, jump and stain themselves. You only need to put them in the washing machine to make them look as good as new again and get rid of all the bacteria (and the smell) in a flash. They'll face new adventures in comfort thanks to their flexibility and resistance.

The return to routine is hard for everyone, so what better than being able to save time on everything that complicates our day-to-day lives? Let them enjoy themselves to the fullest without any worries!

You can find these children's shoes made in Spain in three colour versions: navy blue, black and brown. These school shoes are available in a wide range of sizes, from size 25 to 36.



back to school 2022

Move on! Movement is essential for the little ones at home, and what better way to do it than with comfortable and trendy trainers. Conguitos unisex trainers are designed to accompany the little ones in their most active moments. They have a reinforced toe and heel, as well as a double fastening with an adherent strap, which makes them invincible to any challenge they face.

If you want to add a touch of colour to your little one's look, we've got the solution! Available with details in grey, blue or pink, the unisex trainers will become the perfect piece to combine with sportswear, with the uniform or out of class. Versatility and style in the same sneaker!



Back to school children's footwear

And finally it's time to get out of school, enjoy the free time and wear the funniest trainers. So... lights, Conguitos, action!

With a rubber sole and perforated upper for breathability, these sneakers are available in two different designs: the first one includes a luminous star and the second one, a flashy heart that changes colour.

Available in sizes 20 to 36, the light-up trainers are here to become your little one's favourite back-to-school shoes. Back-to-school boredom is a thing of the past, jumping and running has never been so much fun!

With these trainers with lights, every step will become a new and exciting adventure with which the little ones will light up their way wherever they go.

And just like that, the little ones at home will face the new school year with enthusiasm and excitement, always accompanied by comfortable, resistant and made in Spain footwear. Nothing will stop them! This back to school, go for fun and new adventures with Conguitos.