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At Conguitos we have designed the new Tecnobaby by Conguitos line, which favours children's natural learning and helps them to feel secure when they start walking. Tecnobaby by Conguitos adapts to the baby's growth, taking into account the importance of this first stage of his life and adapting to each phase from when he starts to crawl until he takes his first steps, aware of the importance of this age and the delicacy of his little feet.

Tecnobaby by Conguitos.


Each element of this collection is important in the growing phase. Its flexible rubber sole absorbs impacts and has a bonded area that allows weight to be distributed evenly when taking steps. The reinforced toe and heel stabilise movement and promote crawling by preventing slipping, while at the same time protecting their little toes.

The toe and heel are reinforced to stabilise movement and promote crawling while protecting their little toes.

The so-called stabiliser, the rubber sole that extends to the top of the heel, means that the foot is balanced and provides safety. All this, together with the zipper below the ankle, which allows mobility while guaranteeing Velcro fastening, make the perfect footwear for the baby's psychomotor development in the first months of life.


These shoes are made from onMicro® material, a breathable and waterproof microfibre that is certified ecological, anti-bacterial and is also washable.


The Tecnobaby by Conguitos collection is created with baby's needs in mind, and uses technology in favour of the development and learning of the first steps, respecting each stage of growth and providing them with security, confidence and stability.

Within the collection you can find shoes from size 19 to 23.


The Tecnobaby by Conguitos footwear is endorsed by INESCOP and by the Miguel Hernández University, which certify an efficient design that favours the correct evolution of the baby, controls the footprint and improves aspects such as grip, stability and the distribution of forces. Thus, this footwear helps to avoid possible damage to the tissues or bones of the foot and optimises the stability of the centre of pressure, improving the perception of comfort and balance.

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