The Conguitos Spaces are characterized by being modern and functional. Its wide luminosity and its conception in soft tones make these spaces very pleasant. They have approximately 70 m2, with a completely transparent facade and showcase, from where the client perceives the Conguitos world that is offered inside.
To guarantee the notoriety of the business, the Conguitos Spaces are located in central commercial areas, highlighting their presence in the main pedestrian streets.

Regarding the installation of the Conguitos Spaces, the firm undertakes to develop the decorative project, depending on the characteristics, always maintaining the essence projected by the brand.


Transparency, trust and security are the values that inspire the Conguitos philosophy. Its products are developed with dedication, a sense of responsibility and with the commitment to make children grow in a better world from 0 to 12 years old.


The Conguitos brand is interested in incorporating enterprising people into its project, who feel a real illusion to become part of this project and who have a special attraction to the world of footwear and children's fashion. Commercial orientation and special affinity with Conguitos are required.


Conguitos offers a perfect commercial space for those interested in managing their own business, hand in hand with a reference brand within the footwear and children's fashion sector. Conguitos has great recognition among its consumers, thanks to its extensive experience in the market for more than 30 years.


Afimall City 123317 Moscú


Centralny Detsky,  Moscú


Kunevo Plaza, Moscú


Poze Parl Lake, Bucarest