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Boy's Navy Dinosaur ClogsBoy's Navy Dinosaur Clogs
Girl's Platinum Basic Bio SandalsGirl's Platinum Basic Bio Sandals
Girl's Multi Unicorn Print Bio SandalsGirl's Multi Unicorn Print Bio Sandals
Girl's Pink Unicorn ClogsGirl's Pink Unicorn Clogs
Girl's Star Platinum Glow EspadrillesGirl's Star Platinum Glow Espadrilles
Girl's Beige Metallized EspadrillesGirl's Beige Metallized Espadrilles
Girl's Silver Metallic SandalsGirl's Silver Metallic Sandals

Girl's Silver Metallic Sandals

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Girl's Stars Platinum Leather SandalasGirl's Stars Platinum Leather Sandalas
Girl's Platinum Glitter Wedge SandalsGirl's Platinum Glitter Wedge Sandals
Girl's Star Silver Glow EspadrillesGirl's Star Silver Glow Espadrilles
-PORTADAGirl's Heart Reversible Sequins Espadrilles
Girl's Navy Embroidery EspadrillesGirl's Navy Embroidery Espadrilles
Girl's Platinum Buckle Bio SandalsGirl's Platinum Buckle Bio Sandals
Girl's Platinum Orion Bio SandalsGirl's Platinum Orion Bio Sandals
Girl's Black Orion Bio SandalsGirl's Black Orion Bio Sandals

Girl's Black Orion Bio Sandals

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Unisex Blue Bio SandalsUnisex Blue Bio Sandals

Unisex Blue Bio Sandals

Sale price$36.00
Girl's Silver Basic Bio SandalsGirl's Silver Basic Bio Sandals

Girl's Silver Basic Bio Sandals

Sale priceFrom $30.00
Girl's Pink Glitter Bio SandalsGirl's Pink Glitter Bio Sandals

Girl's Pink Glitter Bio Sandals

Sale priceFrom $37.00
Girl's White Glitter Bio SandalsGirl's White Glitter Bio Sandals
B&W Girl's Platinum Napa SandalsB&W Girl's Platinum Napa Sandals
B&W Girl's Black Napa SandalsB&W Girl's Black Napa Sandals
Girl's Multicolor Metallized Sandals LeatherGirl's Multicolor Metallized Sandals Leather
Girl's Platinum Braided Sandals LeatherGirl's Platinum Braided Sandals Leather
Girl's Brown Braided Sandals LeatherGirl's Brown Braided Sandals Leather
Girl's Brown Straps Multi Sandals LeatherGirl's Brown Straps Multi Sandals Leather
Girl's Taupe Straps Multi Sandals LeatherGirl's Taupe Straps Multi Sandals Leather
Unisex White Bio SandalsUnisex White Bio Sandals

Unisex White Bio Sandals

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Unisex Brown Bio SandalsUnisex Brown Bio Sandals

Unisex Brown Bio Sandals

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Girl's Platinum/Brown Metallized Bio SandalsGirl's Platinum/Brown Metallized Bio Sandals
Unisex Comics Print Bio SandalsUnisex Comics Print Bio Sandals

Unisex Comics Print Bio Sandals

Sale priceFrom $37.00
Girl's Multi Iridescent Bio SandalsGirl's Multi Iridescent Bio Sandals
Girl's Multi Mermaid Print Bio SandalsGirl's Multi Mermaid Print Bio Sandals
Girl's White Daisy Leather SandalsGirl's White Daisy Leather Sandals
Girl's Multicolor Mermaid Leather SandalsGirl's Multicolor Mermaid Leather Sandals
Girl's Multicolor Straps Leather SandalsGirl's Multicolor Straps Leather Sandals
Girl's White Straps Leather SandalsGirl's White Straps Leather Sandals
Girl's White/Silver Braided Leather SandalsGirl's White/Silver Braided Leather Sandals
Girl's White Braided Sandals LeatherGirl's White Braided Sandals Leather

Buy Online Sandals for Babies, Girls and Boys: the latest trends in children's sandals

The new collection of Conguitos sandals for the new spring/summer season is here. The brand offers a line of sandals for babies, girls and boys with classic lines but with modern touches such as the glitter finish and the multicoloured straps.

Combine some sandals for babies, girls and boys with classic lines but with modern touches such as the glitter finish and the multicoloured straps.

Combine some white leather sandals with one of the beautiful

dresses for girls that the brand presents in its online catalogue, and create the perfect look for your little princess this summer. And for your little one, choose a pair of brown suede or nubuck sandals and combine them with sand-coloured Bermuda shorts and one of the T-shirts with fun designs that the brand has prepared this year.

They're available in a wide range of colours.

There are endless possibilities to create your children's total look in the Conguitos online shop, with the guarantee of a great brand and at the best price.

Formal or informal look? A wide range of children's shoes for the summer

Thanks to the extensive collection that Conguitos offers for this summer season of children's sandals, you will find the ideal set of sandals for the chosen occasion. In our catalogue we have a wide variety of sandal models, from formal and ceremonial models so that on more select occasions your daughters look like little princesses, to the most casual and fun ones for everyday use.

Combine the sandals with your children's sandals

and wear them with your children's sandals.

Combine the canvas wedge sandals with one of our girls' dresses for a casual yet elegant look, or pair one of our organic leather sandals with one of our girls' skirts for a more casual, comfortable and fun look.

We have a wide range of styles to suit all tastes.

In our online shop you can browse our wide range of fashionable children's footwear at the best prices: ballerinas and ballet pumps, sneakers with lights, boat shoes, closed shoes... you decide!

The best Goflex technology in children's sandals for your children's feet

You can find children's footwear with the best technology, because Conguitos has developed the Goflex technology, which incorporates a new system with anti-twist power, flexible sole, and a great power of impact absorption, which will make these sandals the favourite for playing without worries.

All this while keeping children's feet cool thanks to their high quality materials that guarantee breathability and interior comfort. Made in Spain by expert hands, with the utmost care and a track record of more than 25 years.