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Girl's Pink Love T-ShirtGirl's Pink Love T-Shirt

Girl's Pink Love T-Shirt

Sale price€24.99
Girl's Red Dancing Bear T-ShirtGirl's Red Dancing Bear T-Shirt
Girl's White Magic Fairy T-ShirtGirl's White Magic Fairy T-Shirt
Girl's White Unicorns T-ShirtGirl's White Unicorns T-Shirt
Girl's White Animal Friends T-ShirtGirl's White Animal Friends T-Shirt
Girl's Pink Magic Wand T-ShirtGirl's Pink Magic Wand T-Shirt
Girl's Anthracite Grey Kiss T-ShirtGirl's Anthracite Grey Kiss T-Shirt
Girl's Blue Dog Balloon T-ShirtGirl's Blue Dog Balloon T-Shirt
Girl's White Heart of Love T-ShirtGirl's White Heart of Love T-Shirt
Girl's Pink Unicorn T-shirtGirl's Pink Unicorn T-shirt
Girl's White Unicorn T-shirtGirl's White Unicorn T-shirt
Girl's Mint Heart OutfitGirl's Mint Heart Outfit

Girl's Mint Heart Outfit

Sale price€34.99
Girl's Navy Roller Knotted T-shirtGirl's Navy Roller Knotted T-shirt
Girl's Mint Sunset Knotted T-shirtGirl's Mint Sunset Knotted T-shirt
Girl's Pink Roller Sequins T-shirtGirl's Pink Roller Sequins T-shirt
Girl's Cool Sequins T-shirtGirl's Cool Sequins T-shirt
Girl's Puppy Sequins T-shirtGirl's Puppy Sequins T-shirt
Girl's White Unicorn Sequins T-shirtGirl's White Unicorn Sequins T-shirt
Girl's Dragon Sequins T-shirtGirl's Dragon Sequins T-shirt
Girl's Navy Butterfly Knotted T-shirtGirl's Navy Butterfly Knotted T-shirt
Girl's Bluish Love Sequins T-shirtGirl's Bluish Love Sequins T-shirt
Girl's Yellow Love Sequins T-shirtGirl's Yellow Love Sequins T-shirt
Girl's Pink Striped TopGirl's Pink Striped Top

Girl's Pink Striped Top

Sale price€19.99
Girl's Yellow Striped TopGirl's Yellow Striped Top

Girl's Yellow Striped Top

Sale price€19.99
Girl's White Sleeveless Polo T-shirtGirl's White Sleeveless Polo T-shirt
Girl's Bluish Sleeveless Polo T-shirtGirl's Bluish Sleeveless Polo T-shirt
Girl's Malva Sleeveless Polo T-shirtGirl's Malva Sleeveless Polo T-shirt
Girl's Bluish Striped TopGirl's Bluish Striped Top

Girl's Bluish Striped Top

Sale price€19.99
Girl's Mermaid Knotted T-shirtGirl's Mermaid Knotted T-shirt
Girl's Love Sports Sequins T-shirtGirl's Love Sports Sequins T-shirt
Girl's "Boots" T-shirt with lightsGirl's "Boots" T-shirt with lights
Girl's Glitter Star ShirtGirl's Glitter Star Shirt

Girl's Glitter Star Shirt

Sale price€24.99
Girl's "Lovely Heart" T-shirtGirl's "Lovely Heart" T-shirt
Girl's "Ice Cream" T-shirtGirl's "Ice Cream" T-shirt

Girl's "Ice Cream" T-shirt

Sale price€19.99
Girl's Mustard Ruffled TopGirl's Mustard Ruffled Top

Girl's Mustard Ruffled Top

Sale price€22.99
Girl's "Heart" Pink T-shirtGirl's "Heart" Pink T-shirt
Girl's "Flamingo" Sequins T-ShirtGirl's "Flamingo" Sequins T-Shirt
Girl's "Love Kiss" Pink T-ShirtGirl's "Love Kiss" Pink T-Shirt

Girl's T-shirts: in many colours and prints for all occasions

Like every season, the children's fashion and footwear brand Conguitos presents new collections of clothes and shoes for girls.

This year, Conguitos has a new collection for girls.

This year, the touch of colour and light is brought by its collection of girls' T-shirts with original and fun prints. The fusion of fabrics, raw materials and applications make the design of these t-shirts unique and special. They are perfect for any outfit thanks to the variety of prints and colours.

Made in Spain, with short and long sleeves, perfect for an everyday look. Combine Conguitos' designs with a pleated skirt and a pair of ballet pumps, or with shorts and trainers. You have it very easy to get the casual look that you and your little girl were looking for.

T-shirtswith fun patterns, colours and prints will be the safe bet this season for the little princesses of the house.